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Desktop, Mobile and Web Applications Developers

Customised Desktop Application Software
ASD had being software developer since 1995 and pioneered in Internet solution back then.

Till date, we have developed more than 200 applications for small and medium enterprises namely:

1. Quick Stock – Inventory Control System
2. Quick Payroll
3. Quick Insurance
4. Quick Frame
5. Quick Drill – for oil rig and drilling operation
6. ERP system
7. MRP system
8. Electronic Leave system
9. Internet Tuition Centre (First in Singapore)
10. Report generators integration with existing SQL and Oracle system

Web Design and Hosting

We have developed many website using up to the latest technology and run hosting services for customers like:

1. Singapore Rifle Association
2. Mirror Made for You
3. Virtus Law LLP
4. Marnix Reinsurance Brokers (Asia)
and lots more.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications running on IOS and Andriod platforms are available too. We have applications that will work with iBeacon, integrate with existing servers, in-house mobile applications such as E-Leave on mobile.

We are always adopting the latest technology and moving towards satisfying our customer’s needs.

Maintenance Support

 We handle various global hardware brands , Data Recovery services and Computer Repairs and Rescue through our maintenance plans.

  • Hardware,Software and Network Maintenance:
    A simple way to get rid of the hassle of contacting different suppliers for computer repairs and rescue can be achieved by signing a yearly maintenance contract with our company. We can provide yearly hardware maintenance with or without parts at way below market price yet with excellent technical support.With our sound network skills, network maintenance with our company is an asset to your company. Yearly netwokr maintenance contract will save your company thousands of dollars in engaging vendor and staff to administer and maintain your servers and workstations, ensuring your office to have minimum downtime. Satisfied customers like Samtec Asia Pacific, LifeBrandz, Seacastle, Dashing Diva, Battery Power International, Tianbao Petroluem Trading and Titan Ocean are some of the good examples.
  • Data Recovery:
    We are one of the few companies in Singapore that can recover damaged data from virus attack, accidential formatting, partitioning with our special in house software that can rewrite data from damaged hard disk, floppy disk, SDCARD to other media. We have also direct link with many clean rooms in the region to recover even physically damaged hard disk drive and other medias.
  • Software and Security Audit:
    We help many companies to conduct full software audit to counter piracy of softeware, security audit is also conduct to ensure all workstations and servers meet the security requirement to protect against intrusion and unwanted lost of data.